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Keep the intimacy and careful attention of a local small company while achieving the recognition, networking and awareness of a nationwide company. The best of both worlds – the advice and experience of the wisest and the best dancers, directors, teachers, and choreographers at your fingertips. Join us at Regional Dance America and be welcomed into a bigger, better family of dance!

“The regional dance movement is one of the livliest of all grass-roots cultural activities in America”

Why Join RDA?

Art does not flourish in isolation. It grows in an atmosphere of candor and sharing. RDA member companies:

  • gain a wider perspective about their current
  • realize their potential by networking with other companies
  • are adjudicated each spring by nationally recognized dance professionals, receiving a
    written critique of their company’s strengths and challenges
  • gain much needed feedback especially for those who reside in isolated communities where there is no informed dance press
  • Gain access and exposure to the professional dance world

Dance is a youth-oriented profession. Dancers who wish to persue a professional performing career must receive the highest quality of training and in most cases, achieve professional stature by the age of 18! As a member of an RDA company, dancers:

  • receive the highest quality of training possible
  • gain a wider perspective about their current level
  • are given a step into the professional dance world through masterclasses, adjudication and auditions
  • are stimulated to achieve more by seeing other dancers their same age
  • gain knowledge, drive and determination needed to achieve their dream

People To Contact

Membership in Regional Dance America is handled on a region by region basis. For membership information contact the Membership Chairperson of the region in which your company resides. We welcome all inquiries and look forward to having your company become a member of our organization!

Membership Inquiries for the Pacific Region:
Debra Rogo, MidColumbia Ballet [email protected]

Membership Inquiries for the Southwest Region:
Ann Etgen, Dallas Metropolitan Ballet
[email protected]

Membership Inquiries for the MidStates Region:
JoJean Retrum, Dance Wisconsin
[email protected]

Membership Inquiries for the Northeast Region:
Lisa Collins Vidnovic Metropolitan Ballet Company [email protected]

Patricia Lavoie Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet [email protected]

Membership Inquiries for the Southeast Region:
Cynthia Bronner, Univ. of Louisville Dance Theatre [email protected]