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Regional Dance America

Regional Dance America (RDA) is a national association of ballet companies. Founded in 1988 to promote the artistic development of dance companies throughout the United States, RDA continues the important work that was started in 1956 by the National Association of Regional Ballet (NARB). The five regional organizations of RDA were established under the guidance of the NARB and continue today under the guidance of RDA. The main objectives of RDA are:

  • to promote its mission on a national level
  • to define and maintain the artistic standards of quality to which the regional organizations are held
  • to provide uniformity of major policies amongst the five regions
  • to provide access to high quality dance for all Americans.

Celebrating 50 Years of Regional Dance in America!

For fifty years, the National Association for Regional Ballet and now Regional Dance America have dedicated themselves to nurturing dance as a performing art regardless of style in every American city.

Fifty years ago…

Fifty years ago, only audiences in a few metropolitan centers could enjoy dance, beautifully and powerfully performed.

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Regional companies have grown in stature and quality nationwide. The national organization has had an enormous impact on dance and its decentralization in this country. Over three hundred companies, including more than two-dozen nationally recognized professional groups have been member companies. Regional companies exist in nearly every corner of the United States.

The Impact…

The impact of Regional Dance America is far-reaching:

  • 92 companies
  • Over 2,000 dancers from across the nation
  • over 1.5 million people in 481 counties attend RDA member performances.

Not only do RDA companies provide their communities with high-quality dance productions, they contribute to their community’s economic well-being. Collectively, RDA companies are responsible for generating nearly 36 million dollars within their local community economies.

The Future…

More importantly, out of the regional movement comes a steady stream of dance professionals. They are enriching our nation and the world. They will continue to do so in the years ahead. They are the future.

Promotional Movie

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